"How do you top what we were able to experience last night? How precious that was. There is a lot of love and acceptance. You can be yourself and yet everyone is still welcoming. We transcended age, race, religion, size, and any other status you can think of. This is how life should be in the world... not just at a cuddle party."
- Tammy, Woodstock, GA

"I hung out with a good friend after the Cuddle Party and he was in awe of my glow and all the positive energy that surrounded me... It was wonderful!"
- Aileen, Atlanta

"It was good, clean fun. I met many nice people from very diverse backgrounds. I also learned a lot about myself."
- Shri, Snellville, GA

"I went to my first cuddle party at the last meeting! I was in a state of euphoria for hours afterwards, and for the next few days I felt really good. It was great!"
- Dan, Woodstock, GA

"This was my first Cuddle Party and it exceeded my expectations. I found it very easy to warm up to the people who were there. The 'rules' for safety were clear. I felt very comfortable and noticed that my face was glowing from the joy of loving connections."
- Karen, Atlanta

"The group was very welcoming and friendly... very respectful and sensitive to everyone else's needs and feelings. Goran was well prepared and did a great job going over the rules and making everyone feel at ease! Great experience"
- Delilah, Marietta, GA

"This was a fabulous experience....it was very organized, structured and safe. There are rules set up so that everyone's boundaries are respected and above all, everyone was really nice and I was able to do a great deal of networking.....I will DEFINITELY attend another one of Goran's events :)"
- Kelly, Atlanta

"I had a great time, excellent conversation. It is a different experience every time."
- Ryan, Cumming, GA

"I doubt I'll miss many of these in the future. I'm sooooo glad I went."
- Buck, Atlanta

"...it was a lot of fun, I met wonderful people--old and new, I had great conversations, and felt surrounded by friends. The cuddling felt great--I received an awesome head, face and body massage--and then melted into the floor. I was very relaxed, yet energized at the same time... It was a very cheerful and comforting evening."
- Aileen, Atlanta

"If all the world had this much caring attention, there'd be no evil... It is a safe, comfortable, peaceful, loving environment everyone should know... it makes you glow... Doesn't get any better than that."
- Stephanie, Suwanee, GA