Additional details:

There will be some snacks provided, and you are welcome to bring something else you would like to share.

Expected attendance is about 20-25, with approximately equal number of men and women.

It is recommended that you bring pajamas and change when you get here, just because it is more comfortable that way. It is also ok to wear your regular clothes. Ok to wear: pajamas, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, pants, shirts, T-shirts, and such. In order to keep this event strictly non-sexual, please no sexy or revealing clothing: shorts, skirts, sleeveless tops, robes, lace, etc. Legs and shoulders need to be covered.

To help people with allergies, please do not use perfume or strong cologne, and if you cuddle with your cat bring a freshly washed pajamas without cat hair on it.

You can call or e-mail Goran if you have any questions (678-357-7795, )

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